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Video Clips - 2001 Summer League Final

  • Updated December 2006
  • Higher quality video
  • New clip added
  • iPod-compatible

Back in 2001 we went to the effort of filming the league final. Thanks to a howling gale and other factors, it wasn't the most dramatic game ever, so we elected not to produce a DVD.

But thanks to modern web-video technology, we can now share a couple of cool bits with you, in very watchable quality.

To view the clips, click on the images below. If you don't already have it, you will need QuickTime 7.

LSL Final 2001 - clip 1
2m 04s - 11MB - QuickTime H.264
LSL Final 2001 - clip 2
2m 03s - 12MB - QuickTime H.264

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