London Ultimate Summer League - 2015 Info

What is the London Ultimate Summer League?

The London Ultimate Summer League is a competition for Ultimate teams in the London area. Games are held on weeknights throughout the summer at both north and south London venues. Games are played "co-ed", meaning that teams are comprised of both men and women.

What is Ultimate?

Ultimate is a team sport played with a flying disc. For tons more information about Ultimate see the UK Ultimate home page

Essential info for 2015 - Summer League

  • Where - Balham and Clissold Park.
  • When - Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 27th May until 13th August (only one game per week of course).
  • Start time - Arrive by 7.00pm. Games start at 7.15pm. Points may be deducted for late start.
  • Co-ed ratio - You must have at least two players of each gender on the pitch. That usually means that teams play points with five men and two women.
  • Game length - All league games are to 15 points, with half-time at 8 points.
  • Team fee - £270 per team
  • Entry deadline - 30th April. Payment deadline - May 15th. If you miss this deadline then the fee goes up to £350

Download the info pack.

Full info about summer league for anyone considering entering a team. Essential for anyone that has entered a team!.

2015 Summer League Info Pack

We'll be playing by the latest WFDF rules.

Submitting results and spirit scores

All results and spirit scores will be submitted online.

Spirit scores are out of 20 and according to the BULA spirit scoring system - see here for more details.

How to enter

Head on over here.

Make sure you're on the mailing list to keep up to date with entry details.

Individual players looking to join a team should post a message on the forum offering their services. Also consider sending a message to the mailing list (see below). You can usually find a team to play for.

If you're coming to London later in the season, you're very welcome to join a team mid-league. However be warned that many teams may already be full and therefore not taking on extra players. Ask and see who bites.

These are not pickup games

If you're a player looking to play in the league, you're welcome to approach a team and try to get a game. However, once you have played a league game with a team, you are tied to that team for the rest of the league.

A team that allows another team's player to pick up with them without the opposition's consent risks forfeiting the game. This is primarily to discourage experienced players from picking up with different teams each week, and hence distorting results.

Mailing List

Urgent updates (e.g. cancellation of a game) are posted to the London League mailing list. It's also a place where you can talk about games, post results, etc. We therefore recommend that all players (and definitely all the team contacts) join the list. There are two ways to subscribe. Either:

a) Visit with your web browser and follow the instructions


b) Send an empty e-mail message to

Please note that all signups to the mailing list now have to be approved by the mailing list owners (Paul Hurt or Wayne Retter). We've sadly been forced to do this to combat the growing spam situation. If you want to speed your application up, email one of us to let us know you need approving. See contact information below.

Note that you can read the mailing list and catch up with past messages on the web, even if you're not currently a member. Go to

Contact information

For enquiries about London Ultimate contact:

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