Year/Results and SummariesLeague winnerSpirit winnerCup winner# teams
2014Bear Cavalry???--22
2013Bear CavalryChoke Hazard CE--20
2012Shiny Happy MeepleFlaming GalahsRoShamBo22
2011CocktailStacks and SwitchesGood Lord!24
2010Good Lord!Choke Hazard CEFlaming Galahs 126
2009Cocktail XXChoke HazardFlaming Galahs 124
2008Thundering HerdStacks and Switches23
2007Girls and Boys???24
2006 inc. summaryThundering Herd???24
2005 inc. summaryLittle MohawkDr Teeth/
Missing A Disc
2004 inc. summaryLittle MohawkLucky 7s18
2003 inc. summaryUpWhey!16
2002 inc. summaryStawberry JamCloud 915
2001 inc. summaryFar QueueBad Habits12
2000Far QueueFar Queue9
1999Strawberry JamSpin on this/
Disco Volante
*The Cup was first contested in 2009

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