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Welcome to the 2007/08 London Indoor League website.

If your Ultimate team is from in or around London and you like your Winter Ultimate dry and warm - the London Indoor League is the league for you.

Latest News 11 Nov 2007

Welcome back! Matt Williams has very generously stepped in to organise this year's London Indoor League. First Indoor League is on Saturday, 1st December, at the Sobell centre in Finsbury Park from 2pm - 5pm. Please see the Maps page for more details on location.

It's a 3 hour, two pitch booking with a maximum of 8 teams, so expect plenty of pitch time. Entry is 45 per teams per event.

7 Feb 2007

New dates announced for Indoor League: 25 Feb and 25 Mar.

The good news is that we've finally found a new venue - the SCORE complex in Leyton. We've reserved up to three pitches at the venue, so you're guaranteed plenty of pitch time. Please see the Maps page for location. Game time will be 3pm - 6pm.

Unfortunately the clash with the Aye Aye tournament will hit us hard for the February date, but things should be back on track for the final date of the year in March.

31 Oct 2006

One tournament, two competitions. This year, not only are teams entering the London Indoor League, but their games also count towards the Regional Ladder League. Full results are already available on the Ladder League website here.

Event 1 saw ten teams turn up to Brixton's Rec Centre to fight it out for top London team. Returning from last year were Lurve, PAF, Angels, UCL and Thrown, while new entrants were Fulham Flyers, Woof, Go Huck, Fever and UCL2.

The opening match of the event saw PAF take on Lurve - and it became apparent just how much the standard had improved since last year. Lurve were fielding one of their stronger squads and yet PAF managed to hold them for a 5-5 draw.

Over on the other side of the hall, Thrown took on UCL in a university grudge match. It was tight all the way, but Thrown snatched the all important victory, 4-3 - it wasn't till later that we realised how important that extra point was. Straight up after them was Woof vs Fever, with another tight game. Again there was just a single point in it, with Fever emerging 5-4 victors. It was going to be a tight division to call, and you had to feel sorry for newcomers Fulham Flyers, who would have their work cut out to score points, let alone a victory.

As the games ticked on the pools slowly started to take shape. With only two games left of the pool stage, only three of the playoff positions were settled. The maths was going to be complicated... and both games looked like they would be tight. So, Lurve vs Angels and Woof vs UCL - what would be the result? Both games were indeed tight, and cagey. As the clock ticked down, they became increasingly stressful. I lost count of the times I was asked how long was left till the whistle. Amazingly, both games finished as 3-3 draws, which helpfully avoided any ties in the overall pool positions and hence the complicated WFDF tie rules :).

The 9th/10th playoff finished with some confusion, as Fulham looked to have forced overtime with the final catch of the day, only for it to be called short of the zone - thus giving UCL2 a 4-3 win. In the 3rd/4th battle, Thrown and Lurve looked fairly even, but the students managed to pull away at the end and hold out for a relatively comfortable 5-3 win.

In the half hour final Fever stole away from the injury hit Angels, looking comfortable early on in the game, but Angels slowly clawed their way back, finishing with a respectable 12-9 scoreline. Full final positions are at the end of the mail.

All in all the teams seemed to have a pretty good time, and the ladder league element meant that even in those games which were a little less well matched, every point still counted - as you'll see if you compare the Ladder with the positions below.

Hopefully it will also spur some of the teams on to host Indoor Ladder League matches over the rest of the winter - there are plenty of sports halls you can book on an ad hoc basis.

Thanks to the teams for making it a great event.

24 Oct 2006

The schedule for the first event has been finalised:

Teams will be split into two pools A (Angels, PAF, Go Huck, UCL2 and Lurve) and Z (Fulham Flyers, UCL1, Thrown, Woof and Fever).

Each team will then play four games to determine their position in the pool. They will then play off against the equivalently positioned team in the other pool to determine their overall placing.

Games will be 16 minutes long, with a two minute game break between games. The "final" (i.e. the game between the top team in each pool) will be 34 minutes long....

Start Finish Pitch 1 Pitch 2
10:00 10:16 PAF v Lurve Fulham v UCL1
10:18 10:34 Go Huck v UCL2 Thrown v Fever
10:36 10:52 Angels v PAF Woof v Fulham
10:54 11:10 Lurve v Go Huck UCL1 v Thrown
11:12 11:28 UCL2 v Angels Fever v Woof
11:30 11:46 PAF v Go Huck Fulham v Thrown
11:48 12:04 Lurve v UCL2 UCL1 v Fever
12:06 12:22 Angels v Go Huck Woof v Thrown
12:24 12:40 PAF v UCL2 Fulham v Fever
12:42 12:58 Lurve v Angels UCL1 v Woof
13:00 13:16 A5 v Z5 A4 v Z4
13:18 13:34 A1 v Z1 A3 v Z3
13:36 13:52 A2 v Z2


  • Time: 10am - 2pm, Sunday 29th October
  • Location: Brixton Rec Centre
  • Rules: Standard WFDF with UKUA sanctioned indoor adjustments.
  • Pull rule: Don't ask me to explain it - I'm sure one of the student teams will know what it's about...
  • Ladder League: These results WILL count towards ladder league unless your captain chooses otherwise. Twice the competition for your money.
  • Rule change from last year due to popular demand: The game is over when the disc is next under control after the whistle blows - so you can score by catching a disc after the whistle blows as long as it was thrown before the whistle.
  • I'll stick a brief summary of the rules, guidelines, schedule and explanation of the indoor pull rule at the entrance to the hall.

If I've missed something important then ask questions here.

21 Oct 2006

The first event of the 2006/07 season will take place at the Brixton Rec Centre (see Maps page).

Ten teams have entered this time round - UCL, UCL2, Woof, Go Huck, Lurve, PAF, Thrown, Angels, Fever and Fulham Flyers.

Schedule will be sent out to captains during the coming week.

26 Mar 2006

Lurve take the spirit trophy, while Flame are awarded the League Title after winning the first four events. Angels win the Premiership, but miss out on revenge over Flame, who couldn't make it to this event. HCUK turn things around to take the Championship. For full details and match report see the Results page.

26 Feb 2006

Flame's perfect record was finally broken after a draw with Angels, but other results went their way, and they held on to the Premiership title. Thrown reversed the results from last time round to finish unbeaten and gain promotion. For full details and match report see the Results page.

29 Jan 2006

Flame kept their 100% record intact to take the Premiership, while Lurve took the Championship on goal difference from Curve and Swerve. For full details and match report see the Results page.

29 January 2006

This weekend's schedule is now out:

10:02PAF v Lurve
10:26Playthings v UCL
10:50PAF v Thrown
11:14Playthings v Angels
11:38PAF v Swerve
12:02Playthings v ABH
12:26PAF v Curve
12:50Playthings v Flame
13:14Lurve v Swerve
13:38UCL v ABH
10:02Swerve v Thrown
10:26ABH v Angels
10:50Curve v Swerve
11:14Flame v ABH
11:38Curve v Lurve
12:02Flame v UCL
12:26Lurve v Thrown
12:50UCL v Angels
13:14Curve v Thrown
13:38Flame v Angels

06 December 2005

The good news is that [thanks to Simon Brasse] we've found a location for the second half of the Indoor League - the Brixton Rec Centre. The even better news is that we've now got two pitches available, which lets us have more teams and more pitch time. The email's about to go out on BritDisc and London League, so stand by for updates on who you might be meeting in January's event!

27 November 2005

The second event of the Indoor League went well with Playthings taking the Championship (and so bouncing straight back up to the top division) and Flame coming from three points down to hold on to the Premiership title. See the Results page for more details.

30 October 2005

Sunday saw the start of the London Indoor League. Flame took the Premiership, with Swerve taking the Championship on Goal Difference. See the Results page for more details.

London Indoor League is held on the last Sunday of each month [except December] starting in October. The dates are therefore:

  • Sunday 30 October - Sobell
  • Sunday 27 November - Sobell
  • Sunday 29 January - Brixton
  • Sunday 26 February - Brixton
  • Sunday 26 March - Brixton

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